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by Rasi

Yara Shahidi, of the Black-ish and further Grown-ish fame, in her interview with Vogue said, “How do we want something and have a greater purpose?”. At such a young age, she could figure out that being self-centred in today’s world, is very easy. How do we walk that tightrope between wanting so much and not forgetting that we owe doing right by the world and be of service to the greater good?

PC: Nikhil Wadagbalkar
Totally cropped my friend out of this. Fame is brutal.

My blog has no such higher purpose but it has been started hoping that it would serve some inspiration, spread awareness, maybe provide food for thought, and of course amuse the readers into understanding that sometimes we can do our part by being truly happy and grateful for simplest things. I decided to add a few things to make this fun and interesting and keep the writing witty and real. I hope to be able to start with something basic and find my way to something that actually makes a true difference.

Better to have blogged and lost than to never have blogged at all

As a flaw of personality or the way I was raised or the fact that my planets are always in gatorade or whatever, I have always thought that to be in any trade/skill/profession or just about anything in life, one has to be able to excel. Some fields need it more than the others, obviously. Artistic and creative fields, most so. My flaw comes in thinking that if you don’t have the skill or the perseverance, don’t even bother.
But then I also am the harshest judge of what “having the skill” means.

PC: Nikhil Wadagbalkar.
Cropped her out again, mostly because my hair needed extra focus. You sense a pattern here?


In this day and age, blogs are a dime and dozen and so many of them are exceptionally good. I began studying them and quickly realised that most of the bloggers that run wildly popular blogs, have some expertise in a chosen field – a business, qualification, work experience, something. And I immediately begin dismissing myself to ever be worthy of “making it”.

I used that as an excuse to give up the idea of doing a blog only a zillion times. Putting passion and effort into something wholeheartedly is scary. Not because of the loss, but because one is scared to not be able to get back up from that fall. I want to relate to millions who live a mundane life and possibly do a humdrum job.

PC: Alec Morris. Funny things aside, I aim to feel like this on the inside 24/7

So the bottom line is, just take all the encouraging phrases here, and begin doing what you have always wanted to. Unless that happens to be an off-beat thing like becoming a motorcycle daredevil or something, because you definitely need skill and training for that, hands down. Better to have blogged and lost than to have never blogged at all..

Where’s the hygge?

The entire exercise to actually sit and pay attention to small details, is very therapeutic. The experience also taught me to look forward to small things and be genuinely excited and happy for those things. Happiness sought in simple things doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Laters, people!

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