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Makeup essentials to save time and grief

by Rasi

I have never been the one to love or have patience with makeup. I barely made my peace with being a woman after a long 20 something years. It is an actual art no doubt and many people actually enjoy the process. I for one, like the result but am bored of the process. For every day, I wish I just didn’t have to wear any makeup at all.

I have always felt a little insecure about my dark circles and the dry skin leading to stubborn post-acne dark spots. Dry skin also leading to development of pesky fine lines here and there slowly. Sigh. Anyway. I decided to learn what works for me. I detest foundation and try to stay away as far as possible. It never looks good on aging, or textured or dry skin. Dewy skin is my preference no matter what event, season or skin colour.

While you can’t deny the the power it has and the pure art form it is, it does take patience and time. Less is more and the right tricks will elevate your entire look without breaking the bank or taking hours. Not all of us have to aim to achieve the drag-queen-perfection level of awesome makeup. A few useful tips will achieve the fresh and finished look which looks flattering on every face. Here are a few tips that work for me and which I have gathered to be solid after trying a few popular and common trends and techniques.

  • The shade of BB cream and/or foundation and concealer you choose, will greatly affect if your skin looks ashy or glowy-fresh.
close up of girl using eyebrow pencil looking in a compact mirror

I created this without foundation. Also, apart from a little editing for lighting and colours, the skin has not been touched to hide anything here.

  • Get a few samples of the colour that the store-girl “thinks” matches your skin (in the horrible indoor lighting) and a couple of shades above and below that. Use for a few days and observe your skin in different light through the day. You will recognize the winner when you do not resemble a white-wash or a subtle version of Ross on the tanning-disaster episode of FRIENDS. And obviously, the foundation should match your neck rather than your face-skin.
  • Foundations and BB creams can oxidise and turn into a darker/tanned shade over the next few hours once you put them on. Therefore, it is important to see how they wear through the day.
  • Take efforts and learn what undertone your skin is, warm or cool. The vein theory and all that to determine the undertone – I find confusing and irritating. So I just got samples and wore them for a couple of days. Most Indians and Asians have warm undertones, meaning any shades with yellow tones are the way to go for these skin-tones.
portrait of girl wearing red t-shirt and using eyebrow pencil

Eyebrows literally make a huge difference to the face and can tie the whole look so nicely.

Dewy look is ideal for dry and/or aging skin. Also a neat trick to look younger at any age

  • Dewy look is ideal for dry and/or aging skin. Also a neat trick to look younger at any age. Matte finish is a perfect choice for oily skin-type, who are also the best patrons for setting powders. Dry/normal and aging skin is best enhanced by dewy finishes.
  • On days I don’t feel like mascara and/or illuminator and/or brow filling, dewy-skin minimal routine still makes me look fresh, youthful and naturally flawless. I do this most days showing up to work because most of my time is spent staring at the computer. And also because I am always running late so makes sense to adopt the most lazy-ass routine ever.
portrait of girl wearing red t-shirt and applying mascara

Quite accurately the only way to apply mascara is to make a weird face like this.

  • Powder is overrated. it is NOT an absolute must-use. if it makes your skin look dry, ashy and still results in accentuated fine lines, then clearly it is doing the OPPOSITE of what it promises to do. If you are desperate, you may try every powder at the store and see how it wears through a few hours or through the day. Keep in mind that the setting powders also have a white/cool finish or gold/warm finish.
  • The days you decide to wear mascara, DO NOT skip doing your lower eyelashes, they may look extra in the mirror while you do it, but to others, and in pictures, they look like the subtle feature enhancing your eyes.
  • I use a mundane shade of rose coloured lipstick as a quick wash of eyeshadow and cheek stain for everyday use. I mainly use the shades that I bought but am not too crazy about, on my lips. For dry skin, the lipstick goes on very nicely as blush and stays all day.
portrait of girl wearing red t-shirt and applying lipstick

You would think these shots just happen but no, a lot of insight goes into realising what is my good profile. Sigh.

  • Contouring is tricky and not all types of contouring products will work for every skin-type and face type. Try a few methods and take a quick photo in daylight to see what you have done. It will give you a glam and chiselled look. And no-it DOES NOT always have to be strong lines that could cut apples.
  • Remember what I mentioned before in my previous article about skin-stipulations, that the changes in age, hormones, weather and geographic location change the skin. And even makeup wise, what works today may not work tomorrow and vice-versa.
  • Be patient and try to sample each product on your face before taking the plunge into buying the product. Testing makeup will instantly tell you if the product is a hit or miss, unlike skincare that must be given some time.
portrait of girl wearing red t-shirt and applying lipstick

Eyes and lipstick are pretty much the only two things that need drastic change to create different “looks”. Changing colours and combinations on cheeks, eyes and lips is basically all of makeup.

Makeup has the power to make you feel confident and does not need you to be a professional to give your face that wow-factor. Most of the times, it is all about how you do your eyes and the lipstick shade you choose. The choice and combination of these two will create starkly different looks. Remember to have fun with the process and if something does not look good on you, it is only a matter of trying a different type of product of find another trick.

I have uploaded a few quick videos on my IGTV on Instagram. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Have any questions? Ask me here in comments below, or on my Facebook page or on my Instagram account. Also drop me comments if you want to know what products I used.

Images by my favourite Jack Mohr.

Header image by the most amazing Joanne Amarisa.

Where’s the hygge?

After establishing my own makeup routine, I have received multiple compliments over the years about how my skin looks glow-y/dewy and fresh. From random strangers too! The power it gives me despite being a boring chore to me, is undeniable and I have stopped feeling the pressure of not being perfect. You define what is perfect to you. For me, glow and youthful look is everything and I am glad makeup helps me do that.

Laters, people!

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wackyvanilla 01/05/2019 - 6:01 pm

Very Nice Read… Well written Dr. Rasi.

wackyvanilla 10/05/2019 - 9:40 am

Thank you very much for taking the time to read!I hope you find some tips to be personally useful and applicable too!😄💕


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