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7 ways to style basic beige pants

by Rasi

It has been a while on this blog fam! While the world has been in a pandemic for two years, we have managed to elevate our intellect AND our style. One of the rules to have a stylish outfit is to have great staples in your wardrobe. Some items are never affected by style trends, or seasons and are a perfect fit into many colour palettes. Let’s style these perfect high waisted wide legged pair of beige trousers in 7 ways. The styling would work perfectly with similar trousers in black, grey, cream or any shade of tan colours. Throw over a blazer or coat to be a perfect fit for any weather.

This is how we do it:

The classic white tee for model off-duty look

  • This one is a simple classic for any style or colour of bottoms. Any fitted white tee, or tucked in white tee is perfect. Crop tops would accentuate your waist and balance out the loose shape of the pants. Very model off-duty eh?!

The cute cropped striped or patterned tee with collar detail

  • This one is a slight colour scheme and style variation bringing neutral colour scheme and stripes into the mix. Pair with some heels and you are good to go for a slightly formal setting.

The relaxed fit graphic tee

  • This is a very youthful look pairing a loose graphic tee tucked in randomly. Effortless chic like you just threw this on to run errands! If you want to spice it up, add some fun heels. And there you have the perfect pinterest aesthetic pinterest girl look nailed to the T! For extra carefree seasoning, add a cute tote!

The classic button down white shirt

  • The glam look could not have been easier than this style below! It is quite obvious, but the lace up nude heels add the drama when you knot the laces up and OVER the pants. This creates an interesting shape variation. You could swap pair this with button up white shirt or a fancy top and you are THE IT girl!


The colour pop and casually sexy crop top

  • This is another model off-duty look that is quite a statement look that is super easy to put together. Any bright coloured crop tee would go beautifully and if you wanted to colour block with minimal efforts, add a contrast purse like this cute little orange one here!

The layered vest for androgynous look

  • This is a fun soft girl meets preppy look that is androgynous. The cute sage vest layered over white tee and hair pulled up, makes this look seem like you did not try too much at all and yet look soft and effortlessly chic. The hair detail with soft bits falling over the face add some feminine touch.

The open button down shirt

  • This resort style is easy with a crop top and open button down shirt. Perfect for your coffee run or errand-run style! looks like you just threw random pieces together and still look perfection! Swap the crop top and button down shirt colours to change the look each time! A classic open white button down is a very obvious choice, but you simply can’t go wrong with it.

Pro-tip: For times that you do not have time to decide what colours to choose, goo with white, grey, nude, and black pieces to go with such pants. Choose pieces that fit the way that you feel confident and comfortable in, and something that fits in a flattering way for your body type. Sometimes, same items look more flattering in some colours but not the other. Oh and do not forget to check out all these outfits in motion on my Instagram here. And if you are not following me on Insta already, what are you waiting for!

Cheat Sheet*

*Gather crop tops that could function as blouses, in most fun colours and styles that are your taste. Collect fun fabrics in 2.5 metre length to use as dupatta drapes. The fabric in regular width actually works as a saree too; just get 5.5 metres of it!

Where’s the hygge?

The hygge is in retaining the best part of your culture. Indian fashion to me feels like art. Dressing up in Indian outfits even when using one item from the culture, feels special and pretty. It is absolutely true that you miss it more if you live outside of India, lol.

Laters, people!

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