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I am a doctor who decided to heal her soul as a priority, and realised that it takes a much longer duration of TLC. Still exploring where my talent lies, wondering if my prime years are behind me, and hoping that I will find the purpose of my life.

I aim to document how mundane things are actually extraordinary if you just decide to adjust your perspective and count the little joys as a gift. All things Vanilla are just Wacky enough to keep you hooked. I mean they ain’t no edgy skydiving or cutting colourful soaps on YouTube league exciting, but they are alright. They bring the hygge* that we often forget to cherish.

To get through the blog, all you would need to know is what Hygge* means and read the fine print under each of the pictures I include in all my blog-posts. The devil is truly in the details. You almost missed reading this bit now, didn’t you?!

Hygge* (pronounced as hue-gah)
is a Danish word meaning enjoying life’s simple pleasures; an attitude towards life that emphasizes finding joy in everyday moments.

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